The process of writing anything meaningful is a lifelong journey of meeting yourself as the scared, imperfect, struggling writer - and learning how to deepen and find compassion for that all-important relationship.

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction; memoir, autobiography, or screenplay; essay, article, or short story; corporate presentation; or just a wild idea stuck in your head, together we will:

- Clarify & deepen your vision
- Launch your project
- Keep it moving forward
- Complete a workable draft

When you choose The Write Coach™ you can expect to:
- Break through fear, writer’s block, and procrastination

 - Discover the secrets to always finding the inspiration you need.
-  Learn how to navigate and transform intense emotions about failure, imperfection, and rejection.

When you begin actively working with The Write Coach™:
- We'll speak privately for 60 minutes per session by phone/Skype

- You'll have unlimited email access to ask questions (or shout for help!)
- We'll pursue your writing goals in an exciting, fun, surprising, and intuitive way
- We'll  create an easy and doable action plan that feels good!



No problem! We'll make that process easy and fun!  

- I'll interview you about your life and together we'll uncover the meaningful memories!

- I'll transcribe the audio interviews as well as shape them into chapters

- We'll edit the chapters together to include your comments and feedback

- In the end, you'll have a memoir of your life that can be shared with family & friends  

My Promise.

Have a writing friend who also wants mentoring?
Semi-private coaching sessions available.
Looking for an inspiring group experience? 
Half-day/full-day/weekend workshops available.

Number of Sessions

 Six (6) Session Support  - $1350 (save $150)

                          COST FOR PRIVATE COACHING

 Three (3) Sessions  - $700 (save $50)

 Single Session - $250

​"REMEMBER…One of the most important 

(and kindest) things you can do for yourself

and your writing career is to choose ​​

The Write Coach™."


 Ten (10) Session Mentorship  - $2250 (save $250)