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“I have been wanting to write a book for many years, not knowing how to start. Having Marcia as a writing coach has not only given me a way to approach this overwhelming project, but also a sense of understanding my true purpose and intentions in writing my book. She has made the impossible seem doable and realistic. Her humor and openness have made it fun and easy to express myself; and her objectivity has taken me in directions I would have never considered in the past. I appreciate her tools, insights and expertise, and feel grateful to work with her!” 
​-Starr Anastasio, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
“Marcia’s abundant creativity, intuition, and clarity have made her invaluable to expressing our work. She has the uncanny ability to translate precisely what we are trying to say in words that are powerful, intimate, and inspired. We recommend her wholeheartedly as a writer and writing coach.” 

-Mick Pulver, Founder, Breakthrough Performance Workshops, San Diego, CA

“What a gift it's been to work with Marcia. I came to her with a writing project and in the process of working together it evolved into so much more. Thanks to her multitude of skills including deep listening, intuitive insights, and out-of-the-box thinking, a space for my uniqueness emerged. In my opinion, Marcia’s life experience in several creative fields has given her a tool box like no other.  Her playfulness, patience, and ability to allow my process to unfold was much more than I had expected. I was able to lighten up, open more, and go deeper. I came to Marcia with a task to accomplish one thing and on the journey it transformed. The result of my project makes my heart sing. I can’t thank Marcia enough. If you’d like to exceed your expectations, I can highly recommend working with her.”
​-Chris Matser, Honolulu, HI
“Marcia liberated the writer in me! Her very direct yet nurturing coaching style enabled me to finally put on paper years of unexpressed thoughts and ideas. She guided me in a way that was deeply intuitive yet held me completely accountable to my progress and writing goals. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with any kind of writing project, whether it’s academic or totally creative. Not only will she inspire and support you but she’ll help you uncover what you truly want to say.”
​-Heidi Wong, M.A., M.S.W, M.Div. , Boulder, CO

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