Nope, I'm not a chicken farmer.

I'm an international best-selling author. 

The Write Coach.

Wild creativity! Fearless self-expression! Unabashed authenticity! If you've been longing to write - or struggling with a project - a novel, motivational or self-help book, memoir, or anything in between - together we'll get that vision out of your head and onto paper.  Whether you're a total novice or seasoned professional, my promise is that we'll have a blast doing it.

The scenario is always the same. I walk into a party. People inevitably ask me what I do. I mention that I’m a writer, an author, been writing since the late seventies. There is always a pause.  Always a tentative in-breath.  Then their eyes brighten and they lean in to share a secret.  “I’ve got this great idea for a book…”

The reason that almost everyone wants to write is because everyone (no exception) has a story to tell. There’s no such thing as a boring life.  Whether you’re a timid teen or an anxious grown-up, whether you’re married half a century or never at all, whether you’re a receptionist or an elephant keeper, a cashier or a stripper, a millionaire or elementary school janitor, absolutely everyone has lived through hell, heaven, desire, disappointment, and drama.  It’s simply not possible to be human and not have a story to tell. 

Excerpt from Chapter One, THE POWER OF WRITING BADLY: A Mini-Manifesto for the Struggling Writer

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“Marcia liberated the writer in me! 

Not only will she inspire you to write but she’ll help you uncover

what you truly want to say.”
- H. Wong, Boulder, Colorado